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With a Teaser you tell customers and investors within 3 minutes where your product or service excels. Challenge the viewer to contact you so that you can shape your plans or increase your turnover.

Tell your story in 3 minutes
  • production
    tell us your story
  • recording
    choose your location
  • editing
    the finishing touch
  • publication
    share your film and cinepage


online in no-time

In order to quickly make use of all the advantages of your pitch film and Cinepage, we will start immediately after registration.

  • production

We will contact you by phone. Through a number of questions, we develop a first impression of you and your goals. Our experienced director makes a short script and storyboard and discusses this with you.

  • recording

With the Teaser option, we spend one day on the recording. The director and a camera/sound m/f come to you to make the recordings. After a short acquaintance, exploring the location and going through the storyboard, we start with the recording.

  • editing

After the recording, the director and editor go into the editing studio to assemble your film. The editor then completes the film with titles, audio and color correction.

  • publication

In our studio we complete your Cinepage and create a personal link for you. Together we look at the result, if everyone is satisfied your film and page will go online immediately.


Cinepitch PITCH

The professional directors, editors and crew of Cinepitch are very experienced filmmakers, and guarantee the best quality. The recordings are made and delivered in 4K quality; the highest standard currently and for the future.

The price for a teaser of up to 3 minutes including a Cinepage on the Cinepitch website costs € 3.595, – ex.VAT. The total amount includes equipment, crew, travel expenses within the Netherlands, hosting and standard video marketing. The total amount can be paid in two installments: 60% on assignment, 40% on completion.

Cinepitch strives to complete production, recording, editing and publication in as short a time as possible. Of course always in consultation and with the main goal to deliver a beautiful product. As a rule we use a period of 3 weeks between first contact and publication.

Extra options are:
Professional voice over price depends on person, length and language.
Recording abroad price depends on location.
Choice of music outside standard range price depends on choice.

Within our package ‘Trailer’ there are still many extras possible. Contact us for the possibilities.

If you have any questions that are unanswered, please view our extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) page here. Of course you can also contact us by telephone, ask a question via chat or send a message via our contact form. Are you convinced that the Pitch package will work for you, do not hesitate and order it now so that we can get started right away.